Road Trip Heaven

Road Trip South Africa

Somewhere on the road… Western Cape, South Africa

South African roads are top class and the Western Cape region is nothing short of Road Trip Heaven. Renting a car is affordable and there is an abundance of scenic routes to choose from and to explore. Expect being stunned by breathtaking landscapes, crisp blue skies, rugged mountain ranges and contrasting seascapes. There are several routes which make for excellent day trips, all within a  70 – 100km radius from Cape Town. Splendid wine estates, sleepy colonial towns and rustic farm scenery provide panoramic pleasure along the way. When you head off the beaten track down less travelled routes, you can still find friendly pedestrians waving  at  passing cars on isolated country roads and  you can see deep green valleys down below from almost forgotten narrow mountain passes…

… and so much more, but heaven has to be experienced… May these pictures be an incentive for your next visit to SA. Why not rent a cabriolet?

The Road Beckons!

By Jean-Jacques

Road Trip Navigation

Louis and Ani, navigating the way

On the Road

On the road

Road Trip Scenery Western Cape

Between Somewhere and Nowhere

Cape Vinyards and Clouds

Vinyards and Clouds

Cape Road Trip Scenery

On the road

Ani in the Back

Ani in the back

Cape Coastline

Cape Coastline

On the Road in the Cape


Stellenbosch Wine Estate

Stellenbosch Wine Estate

Bobotie and Salad

Lunch in Franschoek – Bobotie & Salad

Text and photographs by Jean-Jacques M. March 2009, Cape Town, South Africa.

Camera: Nikon F65 Film SLR with 28-80 kit lens. All pictures transferred from film.

© 2009 – 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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